Prices and reservation

Poptávka firemní akce


Where to find us:
Hotel Termal Mušov
Pasohlávky ev. no. 54
691 22 Pasohlávky
The Czech Republic

The billing address:
Hotel Termal Mušov, a.s.
Husova 200/16
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
VAT no.: 27713229


GPS: 48°54′17.713″ N, 16°34′43.76″ EShow me the map

Sales representatives

Lukáš Vašíček

+420 603 469 281

How to get here

By Bus

From main buss station BRNO – ZVONAŘKA, route Brno – Pasohlávky Aqualand Moravia, end station PASOHLÁVKY AQUALAND. The bus station is 100m from our hotel.

By car

Take the route E 461 or 52 Brno – Mikulov – Wien, you will find us aprox. 30 km from Brno just by the Nové Mlýny lakes. 

By Train

Take the train from Brno main station and get out the train in VRANOVICE, then take the bus to PASOHLÁVKY AQUALAND MORAVIA.

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