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Poptávka firemní akce

Unique Healing Baths

Curative geothermal sulphurous mineral water in hotel pool and balneo spa


Do we realy need all the expensive drugs to get rid of our diseases? No we don't. We come from nature and nature has it's own way to cure us. Experience healing power of sulphurous water on your own skin. It is just the power of nature and nothing else.


Official quality certification of our healing mineral water

"The source of geothermal water with high content of hydrogen sulfide and minerals of 46 °C at its flow out on the surface is entirely unique in the Czech Republic. Is efficient for treatment of locomotor system, urinary tract, dermatological and gynaecological problems."

Quotation of "Expert board of VZP ČR departement of spa economy and health care" form 6th April 1996 


"3G Mušov source" - an important healing spring with its titratable sulphur content, high termperature and neutral PH level is especially useful for locomotor system and dermatological diseases."

Quote of "Reference laboratory of Ministry of Health for natural healing sources" from 30th June 1995


Chemical analysis of water
Geothermal water pool
Balneo Bath

„Who cannot be cured by drugs will be cured by nature.“ - Hippokratés