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Poptávka firemní akce

Bycicle Touring

Pálava is famous for its nature and wine. Get on the bike and discover everything Pálava has to offer. There are many bike touring circuits you can choose from. Below you will find a couple of examples.

A popular local route with low difficulty, leading both on paved and unpaved roads. You can choose between a small or a large circle. The small circuit is 16 km long (marked in red) and runs mainly around the central Novomlýnská reservoir. The large circuit has a length of 27.5 km (marked green) and runs around both tanks, both upper and middle.

Around Mušov

Circuit 1 (the small circuit): ATC Merkur, Upper tank (Mušov) * Middle tank (Věstonice) * Betlém - natural monument * Dolní mušovský luh * bridge over Jihlava river * bridge over Svratka river * NS Věstonice tank * the dam of Strachotínský pond * the dam between Middle and bottom tank (Novomlýnský) * Dolní Věstonice * Na Pískách * NS Věstonice tank * areal of Rybníkářství Pohořelice * the circuit splits - the small circuit continues on route E461 over dam of Upper and Middle tank * after 3 km is coming back to ATC Merkur

Lenght: 16 km

Circuit 2 (the large circuit): the large circuit continues to the left over Dunajovice stream (bridge over Dunajovice stream) * Brod nad Dyjí * Pasohlávky * TIC Pasohlávky * route E 461 * ATC Merkur

Lenght: 27,5 km

Mikulov Winery Trail

The route of low difficulty with a length of about 82 km, representing the beauty and attractions of the Mikulov wine-growing region.

Circuit: Mikulov • Sedlec • Úvaly • Valtice • Hlohovec • Lednice • Bulhary • Milovice • Pavlov • Dolní Věstonice • Strachotín • Ivaň • Pasohlávky • Brod nad Dyjí • Novosedly • Nový Přerov • Dobré Pole • Březí • Mikulov

Lenght: 82 km